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Intermediate Activities


Vocabulary practice #1 with Quizlet.

Vocabulary practice #2 with Quizlet.


Learn more about common English idioms.

Spending a lot of time with your family at home? Here’s a fun game that you can play to learn about family idioms.

Do or Make:

Learn about where to use make or do, here.

  • make up your mind!
  • Do your best!

Simple Present Vs Present Progressive:

Learn about simple present and present progressive.

  • I write vs. I’m writing


Prepositions of Time:

Study prepositions of time.

  • in September, at 2 o’clock,



Learn about superlatives here

  • coldest, easiest, hardest…


Causative Verbs:

In this lesson you will learn about verbs let,make,help,get,want … 

Review Activities:

Review Game: This is a fun game to review:

  • vocabulary abour family: mother in law …
  • Verbs: let, make, help move
  • countable and uncountable nouns
  • Too, enough …


This activity is about adverbs and present perfect :  Review#1.


In this fun game you will learn about:

  • Adjectives vs. Adverbs : careful vs carefully
  • Present Perfect Statements : I have seen …,  Have you ever..?
  • Superlatives: Coldest, warmest ..