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CCI Program

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Currently, all classes are online, conducted through Zoom. If you don’t know how to study online, don’t worry! We will teach you how to use Zoom. We anticipate being able to move classes to a blended format (some classes online, some in person) in summer 2021. You can read school updates and safety measures regarding COVID-19 here:

Our COVID-19 Policies and Information

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Updated May 21, 2021.

What is the CCI Program?

At CCI-LEX, we are proud to offer a wide range of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adult learners.

The CCI Program is an accredited English as a Second Language Program with certified TESL instructors. We offer small class sizes that focus on the language and communication skills you need to succeed. The CCI Program is open to all adult learners in Canada, including visitors, international students, landed immigrants, and citizens.

Our General ESL Program offers morning classes for Beginner to Advanced levels. Our Full-time Intensive Program allows you to study in a morning class, plus an additional two afternoons a week with either a communication or writing focus – you choose! You can see the CCI class schedule and prices here:

CCI Program Schedule and Prices

Specialized classes schedule and prices here:

IELTS Preparation  CELPIP Preparation  Precise Pronunciation

Workplace Communication Skills   Short Online Courses

Who is the CCI Program for?

The CCI Program is for adults who are 17 years or older and who have the following status:

  Visitor Visa   Study Permit   Work Permit ✔  Working Holiday Visa ✔  Permanent Residents ✔  Canadian Citizens ✔  Refugees

Interested in applying for a Study Permit?

Which skill levels is the CCI Program for?

The CCI Program offers English classes for all levels of learners.

The CCI Program is for students who are at the following levels:

  Beginner Level  Intermediate Level  Advanced Level

Classes in the CCI Program range from Canadian Language Benchmarks 1 to 7.


Frequently Asked Questions

The CCI Program offers English classes on a part-time and full-time basis.

Our part-time classes are between 6 to 15 hours per week, and our full-time classes are between 20 to 26 hours per week.

Some classes are 5 days per week and some classes are 2 days per week.

CCI classes are taught at many different times throughout the day.

  Morning   Afternoon   Night You can see the CCI class schedule and prices here: CCI Program Schedule and Prices

Most classes in our CCI Program run on an ongoing basis, which is called continuous enrolment.

Continuous enrolment means that you can start classes right away – you don’t have to wait a few weeks or months for a new class to start on a specific date.

If there is space in the class you would like to join, you can start the next Monday.

However, some levels of our classes are very popular and fill up quickly.

If a specific class is full, this means there may be a waiting list for the class you would like to join.

Students must register for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Most classes are 17 weeks.  However, some classes may be shorter or longer, depending on the class.

CCI-LEX offers great classes at very affordable rates.

Registration Fee

To register for any course at CCI-LEX, there is a registration fee of $30, which covers the cost of creating a new student account for you.

This fee is a one-time fee, which means that you only pay it the first time you register as a student at CCI-LEX, and not every time you register for a new class.

The only exception to this is that a student who is not registered for 6 months or more will be required to pay the registration fee again.

Class Fees

When schools talk about fees, or the cost of a class, it is called tuition. Besides the one-time registration fee, our students also pay a fee, or tuition, for each class.

In the CCI Program, classes cost between $270 to $600 per 4 weeks, depending on the class.

Textbooks and Materials

The cost of the books and worksheets for a class vary between $15 and $130.

Special Funding

We are proud to offer discounts for long-term registrations in the CCI Program.

However, there is no government funding or financial assistance available for the CCI Program.

The maximum number of students in a CCI class is between 12 to 15 students, but many classes are smaller. Due to the COVID-19, the current maximum number is 6.

CCI classes are taught by highly qualified, certified TESL teachers.

The teachers in our CCI Program all have University degrees, TESL training and TESL experience.

Does the CCI Program sounds like the right fit for you? Great!

To get started, you will need to take a free Placement Test so that we can find out which class is the best fit for you.

To take your Placement Test, you will need to come to our school, which is in downtown Edmonton.



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