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Study Permits

Getting a Study Permit

Please visit the Government of Canada website for the most recent updates around pre-departure and entry requirements for all travellers.  

As a Designated Learning Institution (DLI # O125073908927), the CCI Program is eligible to receive international students and  support a study permit for six months or more.  CCI-LEX is on the ‘updated’ list of DLIs and is approved to receive international students during these times.

Students must register for Full-Time Intensive ESL in order to receive a Letter of Acceptance from CCI-LEX.

Before you make plans to travel or register for classes, it is important to learn about requirements and timelines for applications.  Study permits can take some time to be processed.  In some countries you will need to show proof of payment and have a medical exam before you are granted a Visa.

Please check the Canadian Visa Requirements for your country at the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate or go to the Government of Canada’s website.

Learn about Study Permits for Canada

CCI-LEX is not a degree-granting institution; therefore students are not eligible for a work permit while they study with us.  If you have a study permit from CCI-LEX, you and your spouse will not be able to work during your studies. 

Fees for International Students

To apply for a Study Permit and receive a Letter of Acceptance from CCI-LEX, international students must pay for a minimum of one term of study in our Full-Time Intensive or Super Intensive ESL Program. 

Payment is due in full before a student is considered registered and can receive a Letter of Acceptance. 




20 hours/week; 17-week Term

Tuition Fee: $3,360 CAD

Materials Fee: $125 CAD


One Year (3 Terms): $10,258 CAD


*Prices effective May 6, 2024.


25 hours/week; 17-Week Term

Tuition Fee: $4,300 CAD

Materials Fee: $140 CAD


One Year (3 Terms): $13,068 CAD


*Prices effective May 6, 2024.

There is an additional $250CAD International Application Fee.  This fee is non-refundable. 

Go to our Policies section to read our Refund and Withdrawal Policies for International Students.

The above costs are based on one-time payments being made at the start of each term.  Additional tuition or materials fees may apply if a student changes or adds classes, or pays for shorter periods of study.

*Prices are subject to change. 

You can see our CCI Class Schedules and Prices Here