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About Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta

Learn English in one of Canada’s friendliest and most vibrant cities at the Edmonton-based Cultural Connections Institute – The Learning Exchange!

CCI-LEX is located in the heart of downtown Edmonton where you can study English as Second Language in the capital city of Alberta, a bustling and energetic western Canadian province.

With miles of gorgeous trails framing the scenic North Saskatchewan river, Edmonton is known as one of Canada’s greenest cities. Experience our warm green summers and scenic, snowy winters by exploring the trails or visiting one of the city’s dozens of parks.

Looking for something a little more posh? Edmonton is home to a number of world class museums, restaurants, cafes, boutiques and attractions such as the West Edmonton Mall. More of a night owl? Whyte Avenue is a vibrant shopping district, with many unique shops and clubs featuring live music, dancing or karaoke.

Make Edmonton your Canadian home while you learn English as a Second Language at CCI-LEX!


If you’re thinking about learning English in a new country, consider Canada!

In Canada, you can enjoy natural beauty, a diverse population and a safe, welcoming environment – all while earning a high quality education that’s respected worldwide.

The Canadian education system is highly respected around the world and the cost of tuition for university and college programs is much lower than many other countries.  Let CCI-LEX be your springboard to further education in Canada.

Canadians enjoy a high standard of living and are known for the welcoming attitude they extend toward all visitors. Interested in trying a local beer at one of our pubs? Don’t be surprised if a local turns to you to comment on the hockey game that’s probably showing on TV!

Canada truly is a beautiful country from east to west. Its landscape varies widely from one end of the country to the other, including ocean coastlines and the wondrous Rocky Mountains that are home to world class hiking trails.