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Our Mission

Since 2003, CCI-LEX has been changing the lives of thousands of newcomers to Edmonton by promoting the personal growth of adult learners through English language instruction and the exchange of cultural knowledge.

Our vision is that all English language learners are able to engage and contribute to their communities in a way that is meaningful to them.

A Unique Environment

CCI-LEX is proud to offer a wide range of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adult learners. Our group of highly skilled and motivated teachers offer unique and dynamic English language classes to both temporary and permanent residents of Canada.

We are known for a warm and friendly atmosphere where students and instructors often share their experiences and learn from one other.

At CCI-LEX, our students not only learn the verbal and written language skills needed to feel confident in communicating in English, but so much more.

Rich Cultural Experiences

In addition to the classroom lessons, we are passionate about creating rich cultural experiences for our students. We love learning about our students’ diverse backgrounds and experiences, as well as sharing about Canadian culture and customs.

Language and cross-cultural learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom, as students can also take part in a variety of clubs, workshops, volunteer activities, and field trips to local events and attractions.

We build cultural and personal connections as well as community!

Get Involved

Do you have the time and enthusiasm to help newcomers learn English?  Classes in our LEX Program are taught by volunteers who receive ongoing support and training to teach English as a second language.

Join our team of 100+ volunteers today!

No time to volunteer but still want to support CCI-LEX?  A simple one-time donation of $60 will cover registration, a textbook, and  4 weeks of English classes for a new Canadian.

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