Wiliama & family

English for the whole family: language learning made flexible

Wiliama and her family came to Canada just under two years ago. Life in Angola was challenging and offered them little economic and financial security. Their life in Canada has been an undeniable adjustment, with colder weather, different jobs, and unfamiliar foods. Nonetheless, Wiliama and her family have adapted well, and although they are at the start of their English language learning journey, Wiliama and I were able to communicate and discuss her family’s experience in Canada.

Salomao and Marvito arrived in Canada first and have studied intermittently in a variety of classes since 2019. Wiliama began studying several months later in the LEX Beginner class, followed by her mother, Carlota, who eventually joined the LEX Literacy class. Overall, the family has successfully integrated English language learning into their busy lives and varied schedules thanks largely to the flexible nature of the LEX program with its variety of times and courses – a sentiment reflected by many LEX students.

Wiliama already speaks two languages – Portuguese and Spanish – and she has enjoyed studying English as her third. Her classes have mostly been online, and while she prefers to learn English in person, she hasn’t found online learning to be more difficult, except when the internet decides to act up! Wiliama loves that her teachers are patient, and she has also made friends in her class, which has allowed her to practice English outside of the home. Outside of school, Wiliama likes to stay active in sports, including soccer, basketball, and swimming. Wiliama’s family are all eager to work, with her father, Salomao, and uncle, Marvito, already working construction in addition to their part-time English studies. Wiliama plans to apply her love of learning to one day study medicine.