Vladimir Shumilin

Living in a state of uncertainty: English as a grounding force

No one plans to live in a state of war, and yet on the morning of February 24, 2022, Vladimir woke up to a new reality that would inevitably take him away from his home country. He arrived with his family to Edmonton that spring, and with no plans or timeline for his return to Ukraine, Vladimir decided to make the most of his time here. After some online searching, he came across CCI-LEX and signed up for English classes in their LEX program shortly thereafter.

CCI-LEX is Vladimir’s first formal English learning experience. He was impressed to learn that LEX teachers are all volunteers who are passionate about helping immigrants such as himself learn English and adjust to life in a foreign country and culture. While students follow a set curriculum, Vladimir enjoys the individuality that each teacher brings to their lessons, resulting in classes which are both relevant and engaging. Through LEX he has learned about Canada’s history, culture, and traditions, as well as become more familiar with the city of Edmonton and all it has to offer.

As a businessman with a background in finance and economics, Vladimir has multiple businesses and extensive networks throughout Europe, as well as in Canada. Not knowing if or when he will be able to return home has not been easy for Vladimir, and his “situation has a lot of uncertainty”. Learning English provides not only a grounding force for him here in Canada, but also an internationally spoken language which he will inevitably use to build relationships with people and organizations both here and abroad.

Vladimir feels grateful to have found a home at CCI-LEX. Its friendly environment, dedicated teachers, and many years of cumulative experience working with adult learners from all over the world combine to offer the perfect program for Vladimir, and he recommends it to all newcomers to Canada.