Alumni Stories: Elham

Elham is one of our amazing student alumni who currently works for Edmonton Public Libraries! She is originally from Iran and she studied as a student at CCI-LEX in 2010 when she first arrived in Canada. Looking back at her time at CCI-LEX, she has a few words she would like to share about her time with us!

Why did you come to CCI-LEX?

I was a newcomer looking for English classes to meet people and make friends. CCI-LEX was the only option available at that time. Most colleges had a wait list and would not accept new registrations. I didn’t want to wait for the whole semester.

Favorite memory as a student? 

I liked everything about the school. It was the only place I was going to at that time. I didn’t know the city and had no purpose to go to places. I felt new in Canada & felt lonely. CCI-LEX was my only resort where I would get to know people who had something in common. But I remember the laughter we had in class, one birthday party we had with a huge cake, and the picnic at the park was also unforgettable.

What do you like most about CCI-LEX?

I liked the friendliness and the positive vibes in the school, the laughter and the sympathetic environment.

How did CCI-LEX help you adjust to life in Canada? 

I connected with classmates; we got to talk about our personal life. I was disappointed and depressed at that time with no job and little money. At this time, one of my classmates who was working at the supermarket told me about a small job opportunity. I was hired for the weekends which changed my spirit and gave me a little security.

What made you stay at CCI-LEX?

I had a good time with my new friends, finding things in common and trying to learn from each other. They had a couple of fantastic teachers who made a difference in my life as I was finding my way. They have been a huge help to me and others.

Do you have any fun memories of your teachers here?

I will never ever forget my teacher Susanne and her warm heart. She was very understanding and a unique and lovely person. She would always make us laugh and would support us in any possible way. Anne-Marie, the manager, was also super nice with her smiling face that would give us hope. I felt welcome the whole time I was there.

If you had to say one thing about CCI-LEX, what would you say?

You will see pure kindness, humanity, and a friendly welcoming environment  at this institution. Every effort you make counts and you will find your way with the assistance of CCI-LEX, who will help you adjust to a new life in this country.