Bram van Herwaarden

Bram was introduced to CCI-LEX through his sister-in-law’s mother, who had already been volunteering with the organization for over 10 years! Since the start of his teaching journey in November 2022, he has learned just as much if not more than his students.

CCI-LEX has given Bram the opportunity to try his hand at teaching, which is something he has wanted to do for a long time: “I liked it right away, but I realized I was going to be on a steep learning curve.” With Bram’s background being in the trades, he had to quickly learn how to navigate the anxieties that come with being a first-time teacher and try to adapt to a completely different environment — a commonality he shares with his newcomer students.

Despite the difficulties he faced throughout his first few months here, it was the continuous support from the outstanding staff members that motivated him to push through, as well as realizing how important volunteering is: “Volunteering is a way of giving without expecting anything out of it.” Volunteers are at the heart of CCI-LEX!

Bram’s laid-back approach to teaching is what helps him build a bond with his students. He is always looking for ways to make things fun for his students and to remind them not to take themselves too seriously. His students weren’t the only ones learning grammar rules though; Bram realized through his teaching experience that he also had a lot to learn about the “whys” of English.

When Bram is not teaching, you can find him absorbed in the art of photography: “I like doing anything that’s creative; it’s more about the composition than the subject.” His passion also extends to hearing people’s stories from across the world, as he has travelled to more than ten different countries including Bolivia, Spain, The Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Morocco, and The Philippines!