Bakhshali & Farida

Farida and Bakhshali came to Canada one year ago with the willingness to learn English, recognizing its prominence as an international language and as a means of daily communication here in Canada. When they first arrived, they were pleased to see the plethora of beautiful lakes and the bountiful nature all around. On the other hand, they also had to adjust to the transportation system here: “When we came here, we were surprised because transport system is different. Most people use a car because many people have a car, but in my country it’s the opposite because many people use the train.

The two found out about CCI-LEX through a friend and since then have grown to love everything CCI-LEX has to offer: “When we came for the first time, we loved the school because especially the staff was so kind, friendly, and helpful which was so important for us. Everywhere, they want to help you always for everything.

Their experience learning English so far has been equal parts fun and challenging. Farida has really enjoyed learning English and has a deep appreciation for CCI-LEX events, such as volunteering at the food bank, bowling, and curling for giving her the opportunity to both learn about Canadian culture and practice her conversational skills. Bakhshali also really enjoys learning despite the obstacles, and he’s looking forward to advancing to higher levels and seeing what those classes have in store for him. One of their favorite memories here at CCI-LEX has been being ambassadors for the Open House, stating that it was a fun and great opportunity for them to volunteer and engage in conversation with the others in attendance.

Plans await Farida and Bakhshali both for CCI-LEX and beyond their time here: “We have many plans to study in college or university in the future. Right now, the most important plan is working. If we have time, we want to continue to the next level at CCI-LEX.” The two are immensely grateful for the loving staff and teachers, as well as the friends they’ve made along the way: “My classmates are good people, and they are from different countries, and I love them. We are close.

In their free time, the two enjoy riding their bikes together, walking in the park, occasionally picnicking with their friends, and watching movies in English to get some extra practice in!