Adrian Pena

Honestly, I think my success in Canada is just being in Canada. I mean, it is a new country so different from Spain where I grew up. To be honest, every day is a new challenge for myself, even though day by day I am feeling more at home because I’m making new friends and building a new life.

First of all the language, when I came to Canada my English was very poor and I couldn’t understand nothing at all when people speak to me. So I decided to start with English lessons during the evenings and I joined to LEX. They are helping me out with my English “issues” and they really make a great job. I see day by day, step by step, how my English is improving and I have more knowledge of the language. Every day I discover a new world, a new expression or just a new way to say something.

Secondly the weather here in Canada. I am from the south of Spain, it is really warm over there and the landscape is completely different but little by little I’m acclimatizing and struggling with this harsh winter. I feel that if I can learn the language I could have better job opportunities than in my home country.

At the end, Canada is a beautiful country with a bunch of different cultures living in it and I really love it!