Marveli Tellez

Marveli is a dedicated student currently enrolled in a CCI intermediate level class. Marveli came to Canada a little bit over a year and a half ago, and she can recall the many different emotions she experienced leaving her home country and starting anew:

“When I came here, I was a bit depressed and very stressed, [but] I enjoyed the snow. I prefer the cold weather than warm weather. Mexico is very warm.”

Having found CCI-LEX on the internet, Marveli started out as a LEX beginner student, and she recalls LEX being a good challenge for her. Marveli has her teachers to thank for being very helpful as she was feeling very anxious during her first few weeks at CCI-LEX:

“I was nervous to start classes, but the school, classrooms, and teachers were pretty good.”

Now that Marveli is a CCI student, she can feel the difference in the level of difficulty between LEX and CCI, but she tries her very best to juggle her job and her children with her commitment to doing well in her class. Marveli has made tremendous progress, recalling how much her speaking abilities have improved:

“I can communicate with more people now. I changed a lot because before I didn’t speak any English, but now I can talk with other people and to my children’s teachers. I feel more confident and comfortable.”

Marveli enjoys her time at CCI-LEX for a multitude of reasons including meeting new people from different cultures, interacting with the friendly teachers and volunteers, as well as having a front end staff that tirelessly helps answer all of the students’ questions. Since her time at CCI-LEX, Marveli has not only gained more confidence, but many friendships along the way.

CCI-LEX provides an immersive learning experience through field trips in which Marveli has participated in many of them, such as going to the Corn Maze with her children and volunteering at the Mustard Seed, the Edmonton Food Bank, and the Ronald McDonald House.

Marveli enjoys going to the park, the library, art galleries, and museums. She’s had the privilege of being able to explore some of Alberta’s beautiful landscapes, such as Sylvan Lake, Banff, and Calgary. After Marveli has finished her time at CCI-LEX, she has aspirations to start a new career in cosmetology!