Rama Rana

How English has helped one student to stay connected

Emigrating from Nepal ten years ago, Rama found her way through the doors of CCI-LEX in 2017. She has enjoyed living in Canada, which she says is more peaceful and with more organized systems – social, political, and educational – than in Nepal. She even likes winter driving, something many Canadians complain about! Rama hopes to pursue a career in daycare, since she enjoys working with children and is building on her nursing background from Nepal. Outside of work and school, Rama spends time with family, stays in touch with friends and neighbors, and enjoys solo activities such as gardening and listening to music.

Rama’s biggest challenge with English has been practicing it, since she doesn’t use it much outside of CCI-LEX. It’s especially difficult for her – as for many non-native speakers – to understand various vocabulary such as slang. She may not feel confident with her English, but her years of learning and progress through the LEX program say otherwise. Rama is currently studying at the Intermediate level and is not only easily conversant, but also the glue that holds all her social circles together. Throughout the pandemic, Rama’s English has allowed her to keep in touch with her classmates and stay socially connected during an otherwise isolating period.

Rama eagerly expressed her satisfaction with her studies, including how well CCI-LEX is organized and how patient and friendly all the staff and teachers have been. She has fond memories of all the events organized by the school, especially the Halloween day celebrations with costumes and pumpkin carving. She looks forward to attending more events and field trips in the future. In the meantime, she plans to continue with online classes and perfect her English.