Olga Malca

Olga’s Move Brings Her to CCI-LEX for Her Second Language Needs

From a region of violent armed conflict in Sloviansk, Ukraine, Olga has travelled a long way to her new life in Canada. Originally determined to stay in Sloviansk with her family despite the adverse conditions, she eventually relocated when her husband decided to move to Edmonton from Moldova.

Arriving in October 2018 with her cat and only a handful of English words from her studies in Ukraine, Olga decided to study English at CCI-LEX after coming across the CCI-LEX social media page. The CCI-LEX schedule worked well for her: “It is very convenient [here] because many schools have only afternoon classes and that is all. It is not very practical because some people have job and maybe study somewhere, so it is very good at CCI-LEX.”

A former high school math teacher, Olga misses teaching, but she takes comfort in the friendly Canadian culture and being surrounded by happy people. “Because in my town it is very horrible, and people live very bad, people show this [on their faces].”

Her English and her confidence have greatly improved: “In the middle of November [2018], I start study at CCI-LEX. We have homework, writing, speaking, grammar; the teacher very good. My English not very well, but it is better than it was because now I am not afraid.  At school I made new friends, got a chance to volunteer, and was able to find a job.  All of the above became possible thanks to CCI-LEX!”