Natalie Chung

A new country, a new language, a new way of life: One student’s immersive English learning experience

For Natalie, English is the key that opens the door to a new way of life. Immigrating from Hong Kong, Natalie left behind not only a time of political unrest, but also a culture that heavily emphasized work and productivity. Living in Canada, she has discovered a new balance where she can spend more time on things which are important to her – including learning.

When it comes to English, Natalie is excited and incredibly determined to learn this new language, which is quite unlike the two Chinese languages she already knows. She has taken several classes at CCI-LEX already, including Communication Skills, as well as Workplace Communication Skills, and is now signed up for the short online class Grammar Bootcamp! In addition to weekly classes, Natalie watches English TV shows to learn new vocabulary as well as get a sense of everyday lingo and conversations. She also volunteers in the CCI-LEX office and has applied to be a part of the Student Ambassador Program so she can connect with others in her community and help promote CCI-LEX’s programs.

Natalie feels very fortunate to have found CCI-LEX. In addition to its helpful teachers and welcoming environment, Natalie has benefitted from the variety of classes and approaches to learning English. She’s learned how to write a resume and cover letter; how to search for jobs and work opportunities; and how to set up her own LinkedIn profile. From handouts to videos, guest speakers, and cultural exchanges, there’s never a dull moment in her ESL journey.

Natalie hopes to continue taking more courses at CCI-LEX, and she eventually wishes to return to school to study to become an educational assistant. Outside of her already intensive career as an ESL student, she plans to make the most of her new life by spending more time with her family, exercising, and exploring Edmonton.