Nasser & Zhila

Husband and wife team overcome many challenges to learn English

Nasser Javadi and Zhila Mahmoudi arrived in Canada in September 2019 after leaving the politically contentious situation in their home country of Iran. Determined to improve their English and integrate into Canada’s culture, they found CCI-LEX soon after and signed up for ESL classes in the LEX program. Unfortunately, less than a month after they started classes, CCI-LEX had to close temporarily because of the COVID pandemic. This did not deter Nasser and Zhila, who have been studying diligently in online classes since September.

Nasser and Zhila are a very lovely, friendly, and determined husband and wife duo. Their family is clearly their priority, and they’ve decided to base their living decisions and priorities on their three children and where they end up working or living. In the meantime, they seem very excited about learning English. They feel like they’re overcome many obstacles since coming to Canada, including cultural and interpersonal barriers (and getting used to the cold!), and now their English remains their biggest insecurity. They would love to be able to “improve it to find a job and live in society” and engage in everyday activities like “knowing the news”. To that end, they’re very happy to be part of CCI-LEX in their language learning journey. In Nasser’s words, “Our first year in CCI-LEX was terrific! Both of us are very satisfied with CCI-LEX because of the good program, up-to-date materials, and experienced teachers.”