Matheus Gonçalves

In search of where to reside in Canada, Matheus Gonçalves discovered Cultural Connections Institute, an English as a Second Language school miles away from home and family. Before his big move, he considered all the new and exciting, but overwhelming details—the cost of classes, school availability, admission and requirements, the difference in programs.

After contemplating the cost of many second language schools, and whether or not the school would further his future, Matheus decided that CCI-LEX was the perfect fit for him.

At first Matheus, had no desire to learn another language, but he knew English was important for getting a job, travelling to another country, and even for studying at university.  During his studies at university in his country, Brazil, Matheus saw firsthand why he needed English for his future, as he needed “English to learn.” He says, “Even in my country, in Brazil—many articles are only in English. If we want know more, I have to know English to learn something.”  He says, “When we study a topic, all the articles are in English, and this makes you have to translate—even science subjects.” While still living in Brazil, Matheus started developing his grammar skills and taking English classes.

It was only last September that Matheus enrolled at CCI, and he has progressed through 4 levels of classes, currently studying in the Advanced class, and stepping closer to his goal of fluently speaking English. It is his eager attitude to learn and to practice English at every opportunity that has enabled him to grow.

In response to learning, he says, “I couldn’t talk to anyone when I was in Brazil, and then I came here [CCI-LEX] and I didn’t have a choice. I knew grammar, but once I put into practice my speaking I started growing. I notice [growth] a lot. I can chat to another classmate at a harder level . . . Now I can communicate better with other people to express myself.”

Matheus appreciates that, “CCI teachers always help you. You are in the class and learn a lot. And always they are pushing. They try to push for a higher level and always ask you something—if you really understood the content, that subject.”

After his studies at CCI-LEX, Matheus wants to “be fluent in English, to communicate with people without problems and without thinking twice.” He desires to “to express himself better, to use and learn more vocabulary, to get everything in movies, and mainly for university—go to university.”