Hien Nguyen

Hien Nguyen Improves her English in CCI-LEX’s Friendly Environment 

Moving to Edmonton, Alberta from Vietnam, a country with scourging forty degrees Celsius temperatures, and where rivers and green jungle abound, Hien Nguyen Thi Thu took a jump—headfirst—into our harsh cold climate and the English language.

When Hien first started English classes at CCI-LEX one year ago, to speak even a few words in English was difficult.  Hien and other classmates spoke very little English, and they struggled to communicate.  However, when students did not understand, Hien said, “teachers corrected the issue and spoke through body language to communicate and explain.”

Plunging into classes and practicing grammar drills with classmates and teachers, Hien felt comfortable learning with others as “everybody is very friendly, and all the students want to talk and improve English.”

Hien says one of her favourite classes at CCI-LEX was with her first teacher Cindy, as she taught her how to express her opinion. “She taught me things about English because you know my first time I come here I couldn’t speak English, and through her I learned how to describe my opinion. She gave me a way to do it, and the way to improve my pronunciation.”

It may have been difficult for Hien on her first day at CCI-LEX, but now her improved English is evident, and she communicates much more freely and confidently.  As Hien said, “Everything change when I come to class at CCI-LEX.”