Alumni Stories: Helen and Luisa

CCI-LEX Student Alumni Stories: Helen and Luisa

Our staff were once students at CCI-LEX!

Here is a special interview with two ladies that are very important to CCI-LEX: Luisa and Helen! They are our school administrators right now, but did you know that they were both students at CCI-LEX? Read about their success stories below: 


How long have you been at CCI-LEX?

Luisa: I have been in Canada for 12 years and at CCI-LEX for 11 years. I started as a student and after some time I was a volunteer in the office and then an employee. I’ve been in the administrative role for 6 years. CCI-LEX is my second home! 

Helen: I started as a student in 2013, and later I volunteered for almost 1 year at CCI-LEX. I have been an administrator for 3 years now, since 2018!


How did you start studying at CCI-LEX?

Luisa: My brother-in-law told me about this school, and he brought my husband and I, so we started here because of him. The main reason was to study English because when I came to Canada my English was zero! 


What is your favourite memory as a student? 

Helen: My favourite memory was on Canada Day! I won the big prize on Canada Day! They gave me a big wooden box and inside there were lots of things like a big Canada Flag and maple syrup. I still have that box because I really like it. That was my first big prize! 


What do you like most about CCI-LEX? 

Luisa: What I like the most is the environment. The environment as a student, a volunteer or an employee is the best. I like to be with the teachers, the staff and the students. We help each other and it’s a very friendly environment. 


Do you have any fun memories of your teachers here? 

Helen: I remember a teacher named Susanne. We had a field trip to her home in the countryside. We had 10 students and we had lots of fun. That was my first time knowing what a “field trip” is! 


Did CCI-LEX help you adjust to life in Canada? How? 

Luisa: Yes, especially with the small things, like how to buy a coffee or how to buy a bus pass. These are just small things, but it helped me alot. 

Helen: This is my first full-time job in Canada. When we come to Canada we don’t have money, if we don’t have money how can we live in Canada? I really appreciate that I can work at CCI-LEX. It’s a good start to a new life in Canada.


What 3 words would you use to describe CCI-LEX?

Helen: Warm, friendly, helpful! 

Luisa: Fun, affordable, friendly!


Would you recommend CCI-LEX to other new immigrants?  

Luisa: Yeah, of course! I think it’s the best school in Edmonton! Not only can you learn about English but you learn about everything. Culture, how to live in Edmonton… many, many things! 

Helen: If you study here you will like the environment. Our teachers are very helpful and the staff are very friendly! We have a lot of free field trips and volunteer experiences. You can learn English and you can also be a part of a great community here!