Alumni Stories: Johana

Johana was a CCI-LEX student that studied at CCI-LEX in 2019.  After taking part in two of our CCI program classes she achieved her goal of becoming a Registered Nurse in Canada!


How I became a student …

Back in 2018, I decided to study English in Canada. In my search for an English school, I participated in an event that was placed in Colombia hosted by EduCanada. The event had the purpose to present the schools that are accredited for their high-quality standards of education. That is when I read about CCI-LEX and I decided to enroll in its English program.


What I appreciate about CCI-LEX … 

I became a student at CCI-LEX and studied there from January 2019 to June 2019. I took the Intermediate C class and the Advanced class from the CCI program. What I really appreciate about CCI-LEX is that this is not only an English school, it is a place that helps you during the transition of living in a new country. The school organizes events that make you feel more connected to Canadian culture. For example, in winter we had recreational activities such as skating and curling. In summer, we visited the Botanic Garden and had an outdoor party with the whole school.  Also, the staff is always willing to support you during the transition. They answer your questions and give you guidance when you need help with living in Canada.


What I like most about CCI-LEX …

I feel CCI-LEX is a place where you feel at home. Even when you are far from your country, the staff and the students make you feel that you are not alone. I think that what I love about the school is that they have developed a system where they provide excellent education and at the same time they create a connection with their students. I feel CCI-LEX cares for its students and provides the support we need when we start our journey in this country.


 Would you recommend CCI-LEX to other students? 

I will recommend it 100%! The CCI-LEX program delivers education of quality and helps its students to improve their English proficiency. In addition, the teachers are highly qualified and their theory-practical approach allows the students to improve their communications skills.


Did you make any special friends at CCI-LEX?

I made very good friends at CCI-LEX. During my time at the school, I met amazing people, and today I continue having a friendship with them. At CCI-LEX I had the opportunity to connect with people all over the world, and in my daily interaction with my classmates, I learned about different cultures and their traditions.


What kind of work do you do now? 

Currently, I am looking for a job as a Registered Nurse.

In my opinion, CCI-LEX is a place of Excellence, Integrity and Empathy!