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Precise Pronunciation

What will I learn in the Precise Pronunciation class?

The Precise Pronunciation course at CCI-LEX will help you make a strong first impression in English-speaking environments. Better pronunciation will help you succeed in your career and in academic settings. The Precise Pronunciation class will help you understand English speakers and help you be understood more easily!

This course is designed to improve your speech, and will target individual speech difficulties as well as focus on rhythm, stress, and intonation.  Be prepared to hear results!  Only 10 students are enrolled at a time to maximize benefit. This class is for a group only!

Upcoming Session

  • 10-Week Evening Precise Pronunciation 1 (In-person): Understand English speakers and be understood when speaking English. Learn pronunciation principles, target individual difficulties, as well as focus on rhythm, stress, and intonation.
  • Class Schedule: Winter, 2024
  • Students Fee:  $415

Advance full-term payment: $375 (Save $40! Must pay all fees in full two weeks before the class starts)

  • Materials Fee (Optional): $90

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