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Fall 2021 Student Newsletter

Welcome to CCI-LEX Student News!

What are you thankful for?  It is an annual tradition at CCI-LEX to ask this question for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Everyone writes their answer on a colourful paper leaf and adds it to our ‘Thanksgiving Tree’.

It is wonderful to read so many different answers!  Many students write that they are thankful for family, good health, god, and for being in Canada.  This year some people wrote that they are thankful for COVID-19 vaccines, amazing volunteers, and for new friends at CCI-LEX.

I am very thankful for all the incredible students, teachers, and staff at CCI-LEX who all work very hard and support each other.  This community makes CCI-LEX a very special and joyful place!

Since classes started in September, we have been busy with many in-person and online classes and clubs, contests, Halloween activities, student recognition, and even a vaccine clinic.   We hope you enjoy all the stories and photos about the last few months at CCI-LEX in our second edition of Student News!

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Anne-Marie Kallal, Executive Director


How does it feel returning to classes this fall?

An honest talk with students and teachers. 

Our classes changed from online back to in-person for September. Our students, teachers and staff had many things to get used to. Returning to school wasn’t easy, but everyone did their best to get used to these changes! Even with all these changes, our students and teachers are staying positive!

Catalina from Chile, an international student in our CCI Program, shared that she learned a lot in her online class and was comfortable learning in an online setting. She says that she misses the online classes because of the changing weather and the time she saved by staying at home. However, she likes being able to leave the house and seeing her classmates in-person.

Selina, one of our long-time volunteer teachers in the LEX Program shares that in-person classes help her connect with her students. “I feel the warmth teaching in the classroom again,” she says, smiling through her mask.

Anny, one of our High Beginner students from Korea, attended our online classes and clubs last year. “I didn’t like online classes…it was noisy and hard to concentrate”. She shares that she missed talking to her classmates face-to-face.

“I like being able to talk to students individually,” comments Temina, one of our volunteers teaching Beginner classes. Teaching in-person, she is able to see her students work and writing more easily. Marie, one of her students, enjoys the relationships she can make in the classroom with her classmates and teacher. The Beginner afternoon class said that they feel “good, happy, and excited” to be back at the school! What a positive group of students we have at CCI-LEX!

Vaccine Clinic at CCI-LEX

What a success! CCI-LEX students got their first and second doses at the school during our Vaccine Clinic in October. Thank you for keeping our community safe from COVID-19!

Shewit, Yunseok, Hadmet and Catalina got their COVID-19 vaccines at the CCI-LEX Vaccine Clinic on Oct 27, 2021.

Students had many different reasons for coming to the Vaccine Clinic at CCI-LEX. For some, it was easier to get their shot at school before or after class.  Some students asked about getting a booster shot.  Starting November 8, ages 70+ or immunocompromised can get their booster shot 6 months after their last shot.

Shewit is a LEX student from Eritrea. The day before the clinic, we visited her morning class to talk about vaccine safety and remind everyone to get their shot. Shewit speaks Tigrinya, so we got a translator on the phone to help her learn more about the process and make an appointment. Now, Shewit is fully vaccinated!

Catalina from Chile was a student at CCI-LEX almost four years ago.  She and two other students got vaccinated in their home countries. However, they all knew they needed to get full COVID-19 vaccines recognized by Canada. Catalina found out about the clinic on Instagram, came to the school and got her shot immediately from Dr. Jennifer and Nurse Angela!

Dr. Jennifer, Nurse Angela and CCI student Catalina at the CCI-LEX Vaccine Clinic. Photos from ECRRC.

“We are making progress. People are more aware. Even those who were scared of needles— once we calmed them down, they had their vaccine and they were okay. We know they will tell others: You know what, it’s not so bad. Go get your vaccine.” – Dr. Jennifer Njenga

Did you know you and your family members can get your vaccine at home or at school? Call Dr. Jennifer at 780-340-0910 to schedule your appointment. She’s amazing! Her team can speak: Swahili, Somali, Arabic, French, Hindi, Punjabi and more.

Dr. Jennifer is from Uganda and she is the Founder/CEO of Canada Home Care Group based in Edmonton and Calgary. They offer FREE medical services in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to leave the house to see a doctor! They do blood pressure checks, physical exams, blood work, referrals to specialists, flu shot, COVID-19 vaccine and rapid testing.

Student and Teacher Stories

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Do you know about Giving Tuesday?  Giving Tuesday is the global day of giving and volunteering.  This year it is on November 30th, 2021.  Join millions of people across Canada and around the world by donating to your favourite charities doing good work in the community.  You can make a big difference!  This Giving Tuesday, consider making a donation to donation to CCI-LEX!

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